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The Valley Ultra is owned and managed by Tailwind Events (2015) Ltd, a company which  owns and  has operated  Le Race for 15 years along with the Five Passes Cycling Tour, Saint Clair Vineyard Half Marathon and up until 2021 managed the  Christchurch Marathon for 20 years, New Zealand Elite National Road Championships and Festival of Cycling. Sheree has been working within sporting events for the past 25 years. She brings experience, but more importantly, passion. Sheree so has a deep understanding of the participants, what they need along with what sponsor need. Doing the basics well is at the core of what Sheree believes creates a successful event for both sponsor and the participants. The team she has working behind the scenes the following competencies that are considered critical to providing a sustained competitive advantage for the event through the new management structure. • A commitment to the continued development of the event, and its philosophy. • The retention of operational expertise and the development of a programme of succession planning for key functions. • Media, public relations and sponsorship expertise. • Empathy and understanding of the ultra and running community and social connection created by likeminded people coming together. • Strategies for growth through mechanisms that add value.

She hopes you will all join her and make this event as successful as it has been in the past – see you all on the 9th December 2023

Saturday 18 March 2023

Saturday 13 May 2023

Sunday 20 August 2023

24 - 27 November 2023

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