The course will open at midday on Saturday and will remain open for 24 hours. Ultra24 allows you to test yourself in a controlled and monitored environment. Use this as your ultimate goal or put your training into practice before your next big challenge. 

You can enter Ultra 24 as a Solo or a Relay Team of 2, 3 or 4. 

The course will be fully marked (both day and night) so you can concentrate on your running.

More course information will be made available over the coming weeks. 

The course is a 10.5km loop which will see you come back through the site village at the end of the loop. Here you can rest and recharge, change team members and go the the larger aid station. Total elevation is 485m per loop.

There will be an additional water station approx half way around the course which will have hydration for you. 


Solos can do as few or as many laps as they like. You are permitted to stop for any period of time at the race village. 

You will be issued with a transponder which must stay on for the duration of the race. 


Teams may only have 1 person on course at any one time. A transponder must be changed to the incoming runner in the transition area. Only the next runner will be permitted in the transition area. 

Teams are able to have all team members off the course at one time. 


How do you win? If it's all about the competition for you then the way to win is to complete the most laps within your category.


Categories are:

Solo - Male, Female

Teams 2, 3, 4 - Male, Female, Mixed Gender

New laps will not be permitted within 45 minutes of the finish time of noon on Sunday. If you cross the finish line after the official course closure that lap will not be counted. 


Each time you complete a loop you will enter the transition and race village. This hold the main aid station and will also be the place to change team mates. 

Within this village there will be toilets, camping, medical and massage facilities. 

Food trucks and entertainment will also be in the race village scheduled throughout the race. 

Each team and solo will be provided with a 3x3m area along the course for their support team or as a rest area along with a camp site a little further away from the noise of the race village.