Compulsory Kit

To Be Carried

1 x Reusable water vessel

1 x Whistle

1 x Head torch enforced 1 hour before dusk

1 x Race number & transponder to be worn at all times during event (supplied by organsiers)

On site

1 x Pair of gloves

1 x Tape seamed waterproof jacket with a hood

Sources of nutrition, gels, bars, lollies, nuts etc

Bags for rubbish.

Rest Area

Each team & solo will be issued with a 3x3 metre space at the race village. This space is designed to be your rest and recharge zone. This is where your support team can be located. This is your pit stop area where you can set up your own hydration, food, rest stop kit. 

Aid Stations

The primary aid station is on the course, which you will pass through on each loop. This is additional to your own nutrition which will be held in your recharge area. Marshals will also be on the course for your assistance. 


A campsite will allocated to each team and solo a short walk away from the main race village to allow you to sleep when you are not on course. 

You will also be provided with a 3x3m area within the race village to use as a recovery/transition prep area. 

Conditions of Participation

You must be fit and well when you undertake Ultra 24. We will have medical assistance on site but you must be starting the race in good condition. 


We understand that injuries happen before and during the race, please use the medical team if you need them. You have 24 hours to take on this race. 


Your safety is our focus and if our medics or staff make the determination that you are not fit to start or continue on the course we will remove you. We aren't being mean - we just want you back home safe at the end of the race. No race is worth putting yourself or others in danger for. Please follow the directions of the marshals and medics at all times.

You must be over the age of 18 to take part in the Solo. Ages 16-18 must be part of a team of 3 or more to participate. 


Supporters are welcome at the event, in fact, we encourage you to bring your entourage. 

There is plenty to do at Cable Bay Adventure Park from mountain bike riding, quad biking, your supporters won't get bored! 

No pacers are allowed on the course but supporters are actively encouraged. Any assistance will result in the participant being disqualified from the event. 


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