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Fusion Events is supporting the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust through the Ultra24. 

24 hours of endurance, concentration and speed, the Ultra24 sounds pretty similar to a day in the life of the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter crew. The time it takes you to get around this challenging course, is roughly the same time it takes for the average rescue helicopter mission from callout to hospital drop off. 


If you are flying solo as an individual, you will be running back to back ‘missions’ whereas if you are in a team, you will have a slight reprieve before the next ‘call out’ to recuperate and recharge. Crew members have specific roles during each mission, if they don’t persevere, respond rapidly and perform at an optimal efficiency, this can impact the outcome. Ultra24 is the ultimate test of your resilience and perseverance, to succeed as a team like the helicopter crew, you will need to work as a collective and communicate effectively. The Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter crew work two 12hour day shifts, followed by two 12 hour night shifts so they know what it is like to operate at all times, and soon you will too.


With over 500 missions flown annually throughout the top of the South Island, surrounded by four beautiful National Parks with plenty of trail running and mountain biking tracks, over 40% of their callouts are in the outdoors. They need your help to ensure they keep saving vital lives in the community.


​You can make a one off donation to the Trust when you register for the event or fundraise:


Raise $100.00 and receive a free supporter cap as a thank you for your support.

Raise $1,000.00 and receive a free individual entry as a thank you for your support.

Take a look at the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter website to learn more:

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